How Golden Are The Gophers?

Going into this season I don’t think one person on the planet would have had Minnesota in the top 10 or undefeated with a few games remaining but here they are. Saying they are a dominate team would be a stretch but they would beat Michigan State. After their first nine games they remain a perfect 9-0 but have had a weak schedule.

8/29: Minnesota 28, SD State 21

9/7: Minnesota 38, Fresno State 35

9/14: Minnesota 35, GA Southern 32

9/28: Minnesota 38, Purdue 31

10/5: Minnesota 40, Illinois 17

10/12: Minnesota 34, Nebraska 7

10/19: Minnesota 42, Rutgers 7

10/26: Minnesota 52, Maryland 10

11/9: Minnesota 31, Penn State 26

All of the first four games could very well been losses but after that Minnesota football became elite. The word elite is probably aggressive but the next four wins were dominate. In their ninth game of the season the Golden Gophers finally had a game that could prove them to be a legit team. Beating one of the undefeated teams in the Big Ten East, Penn State.

The next few weeks are going to be giant tests for the Gophers. This Saturday they will take on the #23 ranked Iowa Hawkeyes. If this is a blowout the word elite would be a lot more comforting. After that they will take on Northwestern which won the Big 10 West last year but only has one win thus far this year. That should be an easy win. Then the last game of the regular season against #15 Wisconsin. Should be a good game but I’m pulling for the Golden Gophers to have an undefeated regular season.

The next game would be fucking huge. Judging that Ohio State is insanely good and going to win the Big Ten East the Gophers could have an amazing opportunity to make the college football playoffs. If the win the Big 10 going undefeated they would have to be in the playoff but that’s going to happen. Ohio State is full of psychopaths and is going to make the Golden Gophers record a fraud.

Recap: The Golden Gophers are Big 10 West elite but real playoff teams would expose them. I want them to win the Big Ten Championship but I just can’t see it happening.

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