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I’m On The Worst Cold Streak In Gambling History, So I’m Becoming a Bookie

I’ve had a long hectic night full of highs and lows, but its the regular for me now. I’ve been in a rut, a funk if you will. Nothing has been going right for me in the gambling department and i’ve tried everything to fix it. I went from parlaying spreads, to money lines, and finally in a desperate attempt to gain control of my life, parlaying over/unders. None of it has worked and I refuse to bet single games because there is no money or thrill in it, i’m a parlay man through and through. Tonight I hoped to change my luck with what I believed to be a no brainer: Penn State -13.5 vs Michigan +13.5, and it started off HOT I was feeling myself. To my dismay Michigan football showed up and showed out in the second half, covered the spread and RUINED my night.

Out $300 and facing a long 40 minute car ride home I started thinking about life, school, gambling, anything and everything was on my mind it was horrific, but I gained a lot of clarity and in the long run this loss will help me. How you ask? Well when gambling isn’t going your way, what’s the next logical step? Becoming a bookie. YES! Let the people give you money and you rarely have to pay them back because everyone losses at betting, it’s a no brainer. I’m looking into it and i’m pretty sure this is my path in life. It will take awhile to build trust with my customers and build but i’m in it for the long haul. IM READY TO GRIND.

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