Fantasy Fight Night Blog.1 (Wilder vs Jones)

Obviously both of these fighters are capable of knocking me the fuck out within seconds but which one could knock the other out cold in a street fight? This is a tough question because they are both kings of their respective sport (or at least their weight class). Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder verses Jon “Bones” Jones. I think its pretty obvious that if Jones went into the ring with Wilder he would get his ass beat to a pulp but that is the same as if Wilder went into the octagon with Jones. So to my best judgement I am going to give a rundown of them both and try to make a decision at the end.

First up will be Deontay Wilder (Boxer)

Via Amanda Westcott

Total Fights: 41-0-1

Knockout wins: 40

Total wins: 41

Weight class: Heavyweight

Weight: 213 lbs

Height: 6’7

Age: 33

Title: WBC Heavyweight Champion

Looking at all these numbers probably made you realize this guy is a fucking tank. His height alone puts him at a major advantage but the stat that really stands out is his total KO’s. This guy makes people that could easily beat 99% of the populations ass look like children. The Bronze Bomber throws absolute haymakers. But his opponent has something that he doesn’t.

Next we have Jon Jones (MMA)

Via Keith Scalsys

Total Fights: 25-1

Knockout wins: 10 (6 submissions)

Total wins: 25

Weight Class: Light Heavyweight

Weight: 205 lbs

Height: 6’4

Age: 32

Title: UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

Jon Jones is a very patient fighter with extreme quickness. He could make you sleep with a quick foot to the head or a spinning elbow. He may not have the same knockout power with his hands as wilder but he can make up for it in multiple ways including submission. Six out of his ten KO’s were from submission. Also his only official loss was a disqualification. This animal has not lost in the octagon.

If these two alpha males met on the street it could go multiple ways. Wilder had the height and size advantage but he does not have the MMA experience and tools that Jones has. In this fight Wilder more than likely would go straight the offense which is what Jon Jones would want. Jones would be able to utilize his kicks since Wilder has no prior experience.

Jones’ foot fetish probably won’t knockout Wilder but it would give him enough of an opportunity to put him to sleep with a submission. Street fight would be more like MMA instead of boxing. Jones would have the advantage, Jones will have the win.

Fantasy Fight Night Blog 1 Champion goes to Jon “Bones” Jones

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