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The Match Results

Going into the day tensions were high. Both opponents were quiet and that is never the case. Pav and Gio both walked into the club house and the first 9 holes extremely hungover. I personally think that the hangover did effect the score but did not effect the overall outcome. So who won the $400? Here is a hole by hole analysis of The Match. (Warning both players played the worst 18 of their lives)

Hole 1

Pav goes into the hole quiet.. so I knew he was nervous. Driving the ball 250 yards to right and went over a huge hill which set him up with a blind shot. Having to aim in a general direction with no view of the stick, Pav pulls off a clutch shot to put it close to the green. Then taking care of business with the chip and putt. (bogey)

Gio started off with a solid straight drive and got the ball on the green quickly. On the green Gio didn’t have me to make his putts so the pressure went on him quick. He then 3 putt and missed a 3 footer. (double bogey)

PAV with a 1 stroke lead.

Hole 2

Pav was still rattled in the tee box and drove the ball directly into a pond. He then had to drop and lost the lead. (triple bogey)

Gio played the hole safe but had to put a monster putt close. He put it within inches and taps it in. (par)

GIO with a 2 stroke lead.

Hole 3

Pav drove the ball right again and everyone thought he was going to drop again but he finds his ball 40 yards from the pin and 20 yards deep in the weeds. He has no view again because he was on the backside of a hill and no space to swing. Pav pulls off the miracle puts it close to the pin. The 2 putts for a (bogey).

Gio drove the left side of the green and had to putt a monster again but did not put it close. He finished the hole with a (bogey) due to another 3 putt.

GIO with a 2 stroke lead.

Hole 4

Pav could not chip to save his life on the hole and the strokes added up. (quad bogey)

Gio drills a 300 yard drive completely straight but missed his putt for par. (bogey)

GIO with a 5 stroke lead.

Hole 5

Pav puts the ball close to the pin but misses the putt for birdie. (par)

Gio hits a tree off of the drive and puts it in a bunker off of the green. He proceeded to 3 putt. (triple bogey)

GIO with a 2 stroke lead.

Hole 6

Pav continues to have a boner for the out of bounds. (quad bogey)

Gio ripped another piss missile off of the tee and takes a huge lead. (par)

GIO with a 6 stroke lead.

At this point in the match it was over. Pavs erection just grew for the woods and Gio only played bogey golf the rest of the way out. The whole match after hole 6 Pav was playing as a defeated man. He had no hope left in his soul. After the first 9 holes Gio led by 12 strokes. Gio then won the back 9 by 7 strokes. Gio won the match by a total of 19 strokes. I actually felt bad for the kid. But just so Pav doesn’t look like complete shit, here is his last hole.

Hole 18

Pav finally drove the ball like he should’ve been the whole time. The course was dried out with hard fairways. Just going to put that out there before I say how far Pav drove the ball. On this par 5 Pav drove the ball 340 yards. Then stroked the ball close and then put it within 10 feet for an eagle putt. He missed and finished the hole with a birdie. (The only birdie between the two).

So if you read anything after hole 2 you could of probably put it together. Gio is $400 winner and he left Pav sitting broke.

This event was proudly sponsored by BIG MAD SPORTS.

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