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Nike Cancelling the Betsy Ross Shoe, Bad for Drip Good for Society.

Nike was planning on dropping an Air Max 1 with the Betsy Ross American Flag on the heel for the 4th. However when Colin Kaepernick brought it to the attention of Nike executives that himself and others found the shoe dedicated to the flag of a wildly racist colonial America a bit offensive, it was pulled. First of all, the shoe went too hard in my opinion and I would have 100% bought it. I’m not gonna lie and say I knew it was insensitive blah blah blah I would’ve bought the shoe no if ands or buts. I’m not black so personally I took no offense to it, but I can see why African Americans may not be so keen to the idea. Colonial America wasn’t too kind to their ancestors for like 150 years. This may seem like a PC take and i’m allowing for Kaepernick to shame American history, but in all honesty America has some well deserved shame coming its way. I enjoy living in America, only place i’ve ever lived. I call it home, I think it’s alright, but i’m not blind to the fact that America was pretty much built on the backs of slaves for a long time. Yes America prospered after slavery was abolished and i’m not taking away from that but the fact of the matter is we all need to give the slaves that were treated like animals a nice round of applause for helping America to be what it is today. With all that being said, I couldn’t image actually being upset that Nike pulled a shoe with a flag that has racist ties. Like actually image being so upset that you throw away nike clothes or never buy Nike again. That’s just crazy to me. Nike is self aware enough that they listen too, like it or not, Colin Kaepernick who is a powerful figure in society for race topics. This whole thing is just the Kaepernick ad all over again, white people will post pictures of them burning or throwing away Nike shoes while Nike will enjoy an increase in revenue because they aren’t a company stuck in 1960 and realize times are changing. That’s just my opinion TTYL

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