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The Match

Two of Big Mad Sports premiere bloggers got into a heated dispute in the middle of May. Gio made Pav put his money where is mouth is. On June 30th at Lakes of Taylor golf course Pav will have $400 on the line. Gio personally will have $100 on the match. The extra $300 Pav put on the match might have been the Bud Light talking but he proceeded to sign a contract so its official.

I have played with both of these players and I will not show any bias when I compare the two. Me and Gio are undefeated scramble partners (I do use most of his shots). On the other hand me and Pav have played multiple rounds using our own shots (Pav has beat me every time).


Gio- Has the power and consistency to drive the ball in the middle of the fairway 280-310 yards every time but has the occasional 200 yards pull. Never slices the ball.

Rating: A-

Pav- This player has put up some of the farthest drives I have ever seen, but with that being said he is not hitting consistent bombs. He has potential to hit the ball exactly where he wants to but that only happens when he can line his feet up correctly.

Rating: B+

Review- This match is not going to be won by driving the ball IF both players can keep the ball in play.


Gio- Knows what clubs to use at all times (thanks to Kenzie). Have the ability to drop a bomb or rip a piss missile to the green but has had a slight slice as of late.

Rating: B+

Pav- Chris has potential to hit his 3 iron 270 yards. This kid is a slugger with irons but is kinda known to top the ball or choose the wrong club. This issue brings the problem of him hitting the ball over the green.

Rating: B-

Review- If Chris can decide the right club to use it shouldn’t harm him in this category but he could take advantage of Gio’s recent slice.

Short Game

Gio- Can constantly put the ball within 20 feet of the pin from 10-120 yards out. Is a strong point in this players game but has had his struggles with his 60 degree wedge this year.

Rating: A-

Pav- In all honesty Chris better hope he hits the green either off of his drive of from Steph Curry range with his irons because his short game is scary. He either chips its it 5 feet in front of him or smokes it across the green. Has potential to put the ball with a couple feet but you never know.

Rating: C

Review- This is where Gio could take a lead or make up strokes on Chris.


Gio- Being his scramble partner I can tell you with full confidence that I am the better putter but I guess that doesn’t mean much since I could probably beat Tiger Woods in putt putt. As of late Gio has missed a few 3 footers but can read the green extremely well.

Rating: B

Pav- This might be the worst part of Chris’ game. Last week he missed 3 Eagle putts in one round and 5 total eagle putts this year. But missing an eagle putt is not going to hurt him, the putts for par or bogey could be the putts that effect his score the most.

Rating: C-

Review- This will probably be the point of match that will decide it all.

Shit Talking

Gio- Extremely talented, could make an opponent cry.

Rating: A

Pav- Clever and hits from all angles. Might have to apologize after a solid chirp.

Rating: A

Overall Review– The ratings point to Gio pulling this 18 hole slug fest out but I think this match will come down to the last few holes and who ever is more on their shit talking game that day. I personally bet on Pav and am his caddy. The kid has the skill and potential to pull off a MSU vs Duke march madness upset.

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