Toy Story 4 Movie Review SPOILER ALERT

Whilst the majority of Earths dweeb population have been living in fantasy land watching Marvel Superhero movies or GOT and living in their moms basement, i’ve been watching real culture changing classics, including Toy Story 4. I’ve been anxiously waiting since the last Toy Story because the Toy Story movie franchise is unequivocally the single best movie franchise ever, all smoke welcomed. Because i’m such a fan I didn’t watch as a brain dead shlub laughing at everything, I was very critical and came in with high standards. Shall we begin.

The opening scene is an intense one with Woody risking life and limb for RV, a remote control vehicle, getting washed away in the storm drain. Automatically i was on the edge of my seat, Pixar saved no time with the action and I STAN. Directly after Woody’s bad, I mean BAD bitch lil bo peep gets packed away in a box getting ready for a new kid. Woody again risking it all for her tries to rescue shorty from the box but she’s good on it, telling Woody that it was time. Within the first 10 minutes my heart was pounding then ripped directly out of my chest. This was common theme in the movie. A lot of action that keeps you on the edge of the scene then Pixar throws in a curveball heart wrenching scene.

New to the franchise, introduced in Toy Story 4, is Forky, a spork Woody’s kid made in Kindergarten orientation. Surprisingly Forky shows up and shows out and is officially stanned as my favorite character. He’s a great mix between dumb and innocent that just makes you laugh. He also is the center point of the plot. Forky gets abducted by actually alarmingly terrifying dolls. He’s held captive in order to lure in Woody so the queen doll can jugg his voice box. Woody, the hero he is groups up a caravan of toys, including bo peep whom he oddly finds in a park and goes to save Forky. Long story short they save Forky and make it back to Bonnie, their kid.

The movie was sick up until the end. This is actually when I got real life upset, vocally shouting. Woody does’t join back with Buz and the crew to be Bonnies toys, instead he decides to stay with lil Bo Peep and have a life as a lost toy. That whore has ruined my childhood corrupting Woody like that. First of all it just doesn’t make sense that after risking his and many other toys life to save Forky so Bonnie would be happy, he just like dips???? WHAT? It’s so uncharacteristic that it’s ruins the movie. It ruined all the laughs, and tears I shed. It kept me up at night. After 20 years Woody just leaved for a bimbo. Throws away friendships and all he knows for some broad. What kind of lesson does this teach our youth? I don’t know man but all in all movies 8.6/10. TTLY

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  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Great review – if I was being overly critical. I still can’t get over the fact Bonnie just done Woody dirty. She promised Andy she’ll love him. forever. FOREVER; not just for a bit.


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