I Predicted NBA Free Agency and You WON’T Believe What Happened

This summers NBA free agency is going to be off the chain dope, gnarly, if you will. All I see on SportsCenter and Twitter are “expert insider” takes. Some of the said takes I can get onboard with some make no sense to me, so i’ve taken matters into my own hands and will predict the upcoming big name signings with a 80% correct guarantee. Let’s get started.

Kevin Durant- Previous to the achilles injury I was 100% sold on Durant leaving but things change. I don’t see him signing with a brand new team mid season (maybe career????) ending injury and working with a whole new training staff. KD is gonna sign the players option for 19 mil i believe and rehab as a member of Golden State.

Kawhi Leonard- Again, I just don’t see Kawhi leaving. He’s fresh off a championship and is probably the most beloved human in Canada at the moment. Kawhi isn’t one for off the courts bribes so Kawhi’n and Dine probably isn’t a lock to keep him but fresh of a dub and the weak east, he won’t leave.

Kyrie Irving- Kyrie might be the biggest wild card in the bunch. I’ve heard he might go to the Lakers with Lebron and AD, but that would be THE biggest beta bitch move in history, trumping KD to GSW. If Kyrie joins back with Lebron 2 years after leaving him to “lead” his own team I will be shook, rattled to the core. Brooklyn is on my map for Kyrie but they already have up and coming DLO so if i was the Nets GM i’m not signing Kyrie, but i’m much more competent than their GM so: Kyrie to the Nets.

Kemba Walker- He’s openly said he’d take less money to stay with Charolette, but he also said he wants to play for a winner and the Hornets will never be a winner. I believe Kemba will sign with the Lakers to play with 2 other All Stars.

Jimmy Butler- Last but not least, locker room cancer, Jimmy Buckets. He’s pretty set with the 76ers, so I can’t really see him moving. If he does move it will be to the Lakers. If that’s the case than Kemba will resign with the Hornets.

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