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Warriors in 4

The Golden State Warriors are about to set sail on their fifth straight NBA final. This time they are not playing Lebron but someone better, Kawhi Lenard. I would say if Kevin Durant was in the whole series the Toronto Raptors could take it to a game 6 or 7. Not saying that Kevin Durant isnt a top 3 best player in the world but he does seem to hold back the former back to back MVP Steph Curry. As soon as KD went down Warriors fans started to shit their pants and people who hate the Warriors probably threw a party. But both sides in this situation are completely ignorant.

People constantly forget that the Warriors won a championship without KD and contended for others without him. This current Warriors team has a matured Steph Curry and a less stoned Klay Thompson. Now that KD is not playing game 1 these two players are gonna have the power to shoot at will. So when these two players get hot someone is gonna be open because Toronto is going to have to double team one of these premier shooters. At this point that is when Draymond Green will slow down on the assists and stack up the points.

What I’m saying is the Raptors are no match for this Dynasty, even though they are a really good team. Kyle Lowry has no chance of doing anything special. He has been a bag of bricks this whole playoff. Kawhi is the only hope for the Raptors. So that being said Warriors in 4.

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