The Whole State of Arizona Needs the Electric Chair If Murray goes #1

Word travels fast in the NFL and the word on the block is the Cardinals sorry ass franchise is going to pick Murray at #1. I expect shit teams to make shit picks but this is unfathomable. With the number one pick in the draft the world is your oyster and the Cardinals are prepared to draft the runt oyster. The sensible pick would be Ohio State DE Nick Bosa, right? Maybe DT Quinnen Williams who’s 6’3 300 pounds. Am I crazy for thinking that a 6’4 260 DE that dominated in college might just be the better pick? The only explanation I can think of is that the Cardinals front office is dyslexic as fuck and got shit scrambled up in their mind and think Kyler Murray is 6’4 260. If that’s the case then yes Kyler Murray would be the clear cut number one pick. But isn’t not. Size doesn’t matter though right ladies, and it’s not just Murray’s undersized frame that’s worrisome. This play style doesn’t fit well in the NFL. He’s a scrambler, a good one but that doesn’t translate into the NFL. The only scrambling QB to ever pan out in the pros was Mike Vick aka GOAT and even he realized that he needed to chill on the running. Perhaps Kyler can do the same but he doesn’t have the fucking rocket launcher connected to his torso like Vick.

I’m not hating on Kyler Murray. I hope he does well in the NFL it would be good TV to watch. A little man pooping all over 6’4 250 grown men would be electric. I just don’t think it works out. He’s still a late first round pick I believe but picking him with the number one pick is dyslexic. ttyl

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