Will Alabama NOT Contend For A National Championship For The First Time In A Decade?

Last year Alabama was suppose to be the best team in college football history. With a possibility of five plus players to go within the first round for the 2019 NFL draft. Alabama is known to be “next man up” and most of the time the replacement is somehow better than the player before them. The difference in the upcoming season is Alabama got absolutely embarrassed by the Clemson tigers in the national championship game. Clemson topped Bama 44-16 in a game that was not even close after the first quarter. Although they have the best coach in college football and great recruits, the 2019-20 season will not be their year.

Alabama in the most dominate head to toe division in all of college football. This next season Alabama may finish second or third within the division. Georgia in my opinion is the future clear cut SEC champion. With future NFL quarterback Jake Fromm going into his Junior season and already a national championship appearance, this is his year to lead a team to a ring. The other team that has a chance to ruin Bama’s season is LSU. They are losing a lot of skill players in the NFL draft but they are a team that seems to get better season after season. Alabama will more than likely finish second in the division just because of the big LSU vs Bama game is being held at Bama.

In the college football playoffs there are four teams that make the cut. So if Georgia is in then who are the other three? The first being Clemson. Coming off of a championship they may experience a hangover but I do not think they will. With future sophomore QB Trevor Lawrence in the mix they will go undefeated. The kid is truly incredible. The second team being Ohio State. OSU has a stud quarterback Justin Fields that just transferred from Georgia this offseason. Even though Urban Myer will not be returning as head coach, Ohio State will win the big ten with an undefeated record. As much as that hurts to say. The third team will be Oklahoma. The only loss Oklahoma will take until the playoff will be again Texas because Texas football is back.

2019 College Football Ranking

  1. Clemson
  2. Georgia
  3. Ohio State
  4. Oklahoma

Just Out

5. Alabama 6. Michigan 7. LSU

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