Did Trump Just Drop the Freshest Fit Pic in Political History?

We are in the presence of fit pic history. Put politics to the wayside and soak in the drip. Trump flexed on the whole world and it was electric. Everything about this picture screams white kid that only buys Supreme and gets 50 likes on instagram, except on a grander scale. Before I thought trump just order Melania as like a Russian mail order bride but I can now see what she sees in him. Unrivaled swag. Everything about this photo is legendary. The back toward the camera, what I can only assume to be a Burberry pea coat, the smoke on the bottom letting everyone know he blows big clouds only. (P.S. this means Trump is pro vape). I’ve seen a lot of hate for this pic and I for the life of me can not see why? He’s got his fucking salad combed back looking like a 3rd line grind show in the OHL. I guess what I want to accomplish with this blog is unity. I’m tired of the hate and just want everyone to get along and recognize a great fit pic when they see one. Does this make me noble and a better person than almost anyone I know? Well you said it not me. Ttyl

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