MLB Rich

The Greatest Streak In All Of Sports Is Over? Lets Reflect

Less than one month into a washed up league, one man stole the show. He didn’t throw a perfect game or hit four piss missiles in a game. Orioles first baseman Chris Davis took the baseball community by storm. He went on a streak of 54 at bats without a single hit. The streak started in September of the 2018 season and ended April 13th 2019.

I don’t know if the city of Boston should be proud or disappointed. On one hand they ended a monumental streak by letting Chris slap a blooper out to the right fielder. On the other hand Boston might have the worst pitcher in the league. I think the answer is clear, Boston fans were absolutely fucking electric when Chris got his first hit. Judging 54 others have dominated this blind slugger. Rick Porcello did not just give up one hit to Chris he gave up three. Chris ended the game going 3-5 with 2 doubles and 4 RBIs. After the game Chris’ batting average shot up to .079. Chris popped the fuck off but at the end the city of Baltimore should pay respect to Rick Porcello. Rick should be considered a hero. He saved Chris’ career, saved the city of Baltimore, and got all fans in Baltimore free drinks. Thank you Rick.

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